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"This book is essential for those looking for a smarter way to participate in the futures markets."

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Think outside of the box.

Unconventional but Logical

Option traders must be willing to deal in gray areas and approximations.

Intro Excerpt

Limited risk isn't low risk.

Buying Options isn't Always a Great "Option"

It is a comfortable strategy until you consider the bleak probability of success.

Chapter 3 Excerpt

Use the market's Money.

Finance Long Options with Short Options

As all options traders have learned the hard way, options are priced to lose.

Chapter 10 Excerpt

Industry Insider Praise

This book is essential for those searching for a smarter way to participate in the futures markets.

James Cramer

Host of Mad Money, CNBC

The perfect combination of expertise and personality...a fantastic real world guide on commodity options.

Abigail Doolittle

Options Insight Host, Bloomberg Television

Carley covers creative strategies that other people know about, but aren’t knowledgeable enough to use, let alone teach...

Bob Iaccino

CEO Co-Founder Path Trading Partners, Co-CIO The Stock Think Tank , Host and Co-founder PureXposure Growth Series

Carley strips away the barriers and gets right down to the brass tacks...This book is to be absorbed, not just read.

Scott Shellady

The Cow Guy

Carleys ability is to demystify the sometimes intimidating world of options trading is amazing and valuable to every level of trader.

Jim Iuorio

TJM Institutional Services and CNBC contributor.

Carley breaks down commodity options trading with precision that only a seasoned pro can do...Nice job!

Linda Raschke

Professional Trader

I learn something every time I read Carley’s work, see her charts, or attend her presentations.

Amelia Bourdeau

Founder/CEO, Market Compass LLC

Carley Garner has done it again... After reading her book you will never look at options the same way again.

Phil Flynn

The PRICE Futures Group

Just as with her other books, Carley successfully cuts through the nonsense and provides clear, succinct and actionable advice.

Kevin Davey

Award-Winning Trader and Educator, KJTradingSystems.com

Carley Garner has written another fantastic trading book that is likely to be an instant classic.

Steve Burns

NewTraderU.com Founder

This is one of the most comprehensive books on commodity options. A must read...

Dan Passarelli

Head of Trader Training at MarketTaker.com

Carley has become a ‘go-to’ expert on the topic...A MUST read for any options trader at any level.

Bob Lang


Everything you always wanted to know about options, but were afraid to ask.

Jeffrey, A. Hirsch

Editor in Chief: Stock Trader’s Almanac
James Cramer
Abigail Doolittle
Bob Iaccino
Scott Shellady
Jim Iuorio
Linda Raschke
Amelia Bourdeau
Phil Flynn
Kevin Davey
Steve Burns
Dan Passarelli
Bob Lang
Jeffrey, A. Hirsch
About Trading Commodity Options with Creativity by Carley Garner
DT Publishing (DeCarley Trading LLC) is an imprint of Wyatt-MacKenzie focusing on commodity trading educational literature. Titles range from beginning commodity trading to complex options strategies and futures market analysis.
Carley Garner is a futures and options brokerage with over a decade of experience. Some good, some bad, but all of it has been a learning experience.
Learn the ins and outs of trading options on futures with and experienced commodity broker and the author of several trading books!
In 2008 I published my first book titled Commodity Options with FT Press. At the time, I had been in the commodity business for four long years (at that age, four years seems like an eternity). In my naivety believed I had seen and experienced it all and, therefore, could never top my creation. I was wrong.
Carley Garner is a frequent guest on Bloomberg Television's Option Insight hosted by Abigail Doolittle. On the segments, Garner charts a particular futures market and offers a hypothetical option strategy that fits the market analysis. 
Carley reached out to colleagues and friends in the industry for feedback. This is what they had to say about her latest book.


Commodity Options FT Press


A Trader's First Book on Commodities (First Edition) FT Press

Currency Trading in the FOREX and Futures Markets FT Press


A Trader's First Book on Commodities (2nd Edition) FT Press

Higher Probability Commodity Trading DT Publishing (Wyatt-MacKenzie)


A Trader's First Book on Commodities (3rd Edition) DT Publishing (Wyatt-MacKenzie)

Trading Commodity Options DT Publishing (Wyatt-MacKenzie)


The latest futures and options trading book by Carley Garner.

A sneak peek into Trading Commodity Options with Creativity

Trading Commodity Options with Creativity tackles complex topics with a flair of simplicity. Enjoy a sneak peek into the insights offered by this book.

A sneak peek into Trading Commodity Options with Creativity

Bringing Simplicity to a Complex Topic

Easy-to-understand option graphics and explanations.

Commodity options are valued based on supply and demand in the market place; that value can be categorized as intrinsic or extrinsic value.

Easy-to-understand option graphics and explanations.

Option markets are emotional, thus volatility is key to pricing.

Learn about Implied Volatility and what moves it.

Implied volatility is the premium assigned to option value that accounts for market participants' expectations of future volatility. It should not be ignored.

Learn about Implied Volatility and what moves it.

Selling option premium to finance long option plays makes sense.

Commodity options are priced to lose, use the market's money

Option buyers tend to face a low probability of success in exchange for unlimited profit potential, but perhaps option spreads offer a lower cost and smarter way to play the commodity markets.

Commodity options are priced to lose, use the market's money

Buying option strangles and straddles deliver dismal odds.

Trading isn't as easy as buying a call and a put.

Green traders assume the purchase of a call option and a put option nearly guarantees a profit, but in reality it almost guarantees a loss.

Trading isn't as easy as buying a call and a put.

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Experienced Commodity Broker and Futures Trading Author, Carley Garner, is a Contributor of Market Analysis to the Media.

Carley Garner ventured into the public eye as a frequent author for trading industry magazines and publications to eventually earn a position as a monthlySee Carley Garner's Commodity Analysis on Mad Money columnist with Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. From there she has grown into rolls that include contributing content to Jim Cramer's Mad Money on CNBC as well as the Options Insight Segment on Bloomberg Television. 

Click here to view recent media appearances by Carley Garner related to futures and options trading. 

Senior Commodity Market Strategist and Broker, STOCKS & COMMODITIES Magazine Columnist, TheStreet.com Contributor, and Author

Futures and Options Broker, Carley GarnerCarley Garner is an experienced futures and options broker with DeCarley Trading, a division of Zaner Financial Services, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her commodity market analysis is often referenced on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money on CNBC and she is a regular guest on Bloomberg Television. Garner is a regular contributor to TheStreet.com and its Real Money Pro service and is also a regular on the speaking circuit and can be found at TradersEXPOs and MoneyShows throughout the country.

Garner is also an award-winning commodity futures and options trading book author. In addition to Trading Commodity Options with Creativity, Garner has authored Higher Probability Commodity Trading; A Trader's First Book on Commodities (three editions); Currency Trading in the Forex and Futures Markets; and Commodity Options. Her e-newsletters, The DeCarley Perspective and The Financial Futures Report, have garnered a loyal following; she is also proactive in providing free trading education at www.DeCarleyTrading.comSee Carley Garner's Commodity Analysis on Mad Money

Carley is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, from which she earned dual bachelor’s degrees in finance and accounting. Carley jumped into the options and futures industry with both feet in early 2004 and has become one of the most recognized names in the business.

Carley authors a monthly column in Stocks & Commodities magazine and has been featured by several major media outlets.

Visit Carley at www.DeCarleyTrading.com.